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11100103 Exabyte VXA 33GB/66GB Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
Exabyte VXA 33GB/66GB Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
  Part No 11100103
  Manufacturer: Exabyte
  In Stock: Yes
  Condition: New  
  Warranty Life Time
  List Price: $122.00
  Our Price: $61.00
  Qty Discount Qty 20 & above $ 60.00
Key Features of Exabyte VXA 33GB/66GB Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
To take advantage of highly advanced VXA technology, you need an equally advanced data storage media. VXAtape utilizes Advance Metal Evaporated (AME) technology developed specifically to deliver the durability, archival, and capacity properties required for high-performance tape drives. It has significant advantages over conventional Metal Particle (MP) media. The VXAtape provides VXA tape drives with a sturdy foundation and removes risk of data loss due to media breakdown. A range of available capacities meets varying business needs.
Technical Detail

Tape Technology


Storage Capacity

33GB (Native)/66GB (Compressed)

Tape Length

557.74 ft

Media Coating

Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME)

Recording Method

Helical Scan

Drive Support