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26047350 Fuji 26047350 DDS-4 (20/40GB) Backup Tape
Fuji 26047350 DDS-4 (20/40GB) Backup Tape
  Part No 26047350
  Manufacturer: FUJI
  In Stock: Yes
  Condition: New  
  Warranty Life Time
  List Price: $50.50
  Our Price: $25.25
Key Features of Fuji 26047350 DDS-4 (20/40GB) Backup Tape
DDS (4mm) are the ideal solution to high-volume backup and archiving requirements. These 40GB (compressed) capacity, easy-to-handle compact cartridges provide cost efficient backup and long-term archiving for years.
Technical Detail
General Information
Manufacturer: FUJI
Part Number: 2100%7350
Product Name: Fuji DDS-4 Backup Tape
Product Type: DDS-4
Technical Information
Storage Capacity: (20/40GB )
Tape Technology: DDS-4 Backup Tape Cartridge