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351580-B21 HP BBWC Enabler memory 128 MB DDR
HP BBWC Enabler memory 128 MB DDR
  Part No 351580-B21
  Manufacturer: HP
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  Condition: New  
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Key Features of HP BBWC Enabler memory 128 MB DDR
The 128MB BBWC Enabler is a transportable 128MB battery module increasing the total memory of the controller to 192MB for RAID, read cache, and BBWC. The transportability of the battery memory module protects the write cache data from unexpected power loss, system board failure, or controller board failure. Data retained in the write cache will be protected for up to 72 hours, allowing time to restore power, or transport the module to a functioning system board or array controller. The modular design of the battery memory module is transportable between the Smart Array 641, Smart Array 642, Smart Array E200 controllers. 128MB BBWC (Battery Backed Write Cache) Enabler allows the Smart Array 641/642 and E200 controllers an option to add transportable BBWC for improved controller performance and increases the total controller memory to 192MB.
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General Information
Manufacturer: HP
Part Number: 351580-B21
Product Name: HP BBWC Enabler memory 128 MB DDR
Technology Type: Other Server Items