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40869 Imation 9840 Volsafe Blackwatch
Imation 9840 Volsafe Blackwatch
  Part No 40869
  Manufacturer: Imation
  In Stock: Yes
  Condition: New  
  Warranty Life Time
  List Price: $203.88
  Our Price: $101.94
Key Features of Imation 9840 Volsafe Blackwatch
Some companies need technology that delivers reliable, secure (WORM) storage capabilities in a more robust way than optical. Imation delivers just such a solution. The 9840 VolSafe 20 GB Cartridge provides non-erasable, non-rewritable, cost-effective media for secure archival of critical data. The 9840 VolSafe 20 GB Cartridge is compatible with existing tape libraries, providing the necessary flexibility for managing archived data. Designed to be used with 9840 drives, the 9840 VolSafe cartridge provides the high performance and rapid access times of 9840 technology with the added security of VolSafe.http://www.backuptapes.net/BS005/FCKeditor/editor/skins/default/toolbar/source.gif
Technical Detail
General Information
Manufacturer: Imation
Part Number: 40869
Product Name: Imation 9840 Volsafe Blackwatch
Product Type: Data Cartridge
Technical Information
Storage Capacity: 20 GB (Native)/40 GB (Compressed)
Technology Type: 9840