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452145-B21 HP 452145-B21 iLO Pwr NM 1-Svr 24 x 7 Support
HP 452145-B21 iLO Pwr NM 1-Svr 24 x 7 Support
  Part No 452145-B21
  Manufacturer: HP
  In Stock: Yes
  Condition: New  
  Warranty Life Time
  List Price: $828.00
  Our Price: $414.00
Key Features of HP 452145-B21 iLO Pwr NM 1-Svr 24 x 7 Support
ILO POWER MGMT PK 1 SVR LIC 1YR 24X7 SUP Take the first step toward transforming your HP ProLiant servers into a best-run server infrastructure with the iLO Power Management Pack - time-smart management software that delivers total lights-out control, maximum energy efficiency, and centralized system insight for your HP ProLiant infrastructure. With the iLO Power Management Pack, you can expect to realize the following management benefits: enhanced infrastructure stability and reduced incidence of unplanned downtime; reduced time and cost associated with infrastructure roll-out, change, and update; optimized utilization of data center power and cooling facilities; efficient use of scare IT talent. Delivered on DVD media, the iLO Power Management Pack uses an integrated installer to deploy and configure HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) and the HP Insight Power Manager software rapidly and consistently, reducing manual installation procedures and speeding time to production. The iLO Power Management Pack delivers core management functionality for ProLiant servers, including hardware health, comprehensive remote control, and power and thermal measurement, reporting, and regulation.
Technical Detail
General Information
Manufacturer: HP
Part Number: 452145-B21
Product Name: HP iLO Pwr NM 1-Svr 24 x 7 Support
Technology Type: Other Server Items