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BCODE-AIT AIT Barcode-sheet (45 Labels per Sheet)
AIT Barcode-sheet (45 Labels per Sheet)
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Key Features of AIT Barcode-sheet (45 Labels per Sheet)
Technical Detail

Check Digit

The previous digit of the code are fed into an algorithum that yeilds in to a single digit. This digit is used to verify that a bar code label has been typed or scanned correctly.

Article Code

These digits are assigned to individual products by manufactures and registered in central databases through regional authorities like the Uniform Code Counsil .

Company Code

up to 10MB/sThis unique number identifies each manufacturer in the world. In North America alone,250,000 manufacturers have registered to get their own code.

Country Code

Numbers 00 through 13 signify companies based in the United States or Canada; In Belgium; 76,in Switzerland etc.


45 Labels per Sheet.


Please provide the following information when ordering labels.

1. Tape Type (e.g DLT,LTO,AIT etc)

2. Library Model (e.g Spectralogic,Scalar 1000 etc)

3. Starting Number (e.g 00001)

4. Qty. required

5. Barcode Position (e.g Top or Bottom)

6. Check Character (e.g Yes or No)