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Travan Tapes

HP Travan data cartridges offer affordable yet reliable data protection. Travan tape is an ideal solution for desktop, laptop and small network backup and storage, a HP Travan tape media solution is the one you can trust. HP Travan Tapes offer capacities of up to 20GB. Compatibility with HP Travan tape drives and all other certified Travan drives. A wide range of HP Travan data cartridges enables many businesses to back up all their data onto a single cartridge. With up to 20GB compressed capacity. Like all HP storage media, Travan tape exceeds industry standards for testing and qualification which equates to reliable data protection. Travan tape is based on the QIC technology set forth by 3M. Imation now owns this technology and is the sole manufacturer of Travan. Travan tape is a superb desktop back up solution for the low end market. It is more durable than a floppy or CD with capacities up to 20GB. HP no longer develops or ships Travan drives. However, HP captured 56% of the total drive market and has a large install base of Travan users. HP Travan data cartridges are fully compatible with HP and other certified Travan drives.