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DDS-5 Tapes
Sony 4mm DDS-5 170m 36/72GB DAT-72
Limited New $14.90 $11.81 
Quantum 4mm DDS-5 170m Backup Tapes (Retail Packaging)
Limited New $14.95 $14.50 
200200 200200
Maxell DDS-5 Backup Tape
In Stock New $15.00 $14.55 
26046172 26046172
Fuji DDS-5 Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
Limited New $16.00 $15.00 
17204 17204
Imation DDS Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
Out of Stock New $16.50  
27746 27746
TDK 4mm DDS-5 (DAT72) Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
In Stock New $18.60 $17.85 
SUN DDS-5 36/72 GB (DAT72) Backup Tape (Retail Pac
Limited New $18.60  
C8010A C8010A
HP C8010A DDS-5 Backup Tape 36GB/72 GB Backup Tape
Limited New $19.00  
18P7912 18P7912
IBM Backup Tape 4mm DDS5 (Retail Packaging)
Out of Stock New $20.10 $19.80 
DDS-5 Tapes
DDS-5 Tape