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DDS Tape (Digital Data Storage) is a data media storage format which was developed from 4mm DAT (Digital Audio Tape) by Hewlett-Packard (HP), Maxell and Sony, especially for reliably storing computer data. DDS Tape is defined by international standards and is supported by many manufacturers, but more importantly, it is subject to thorough collaborative testing programs which ensure that tapes written by one makers drives can be read by those of other manufacturers. Current implementations are DDS-5, DDS-4, DDS-3, DDS-2 and DDS-1.

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DDS Tapes Products
DDS-1 Tapes
331910 Maxell 331910 DDS-1 Backup Tape Cartridge (90m 2GB/4GB)
42818 Imation 42818 DDS-1 Backup Tape Cartridge (90m 2GB/4GB Retail Pack)
C5705A HP C5705A DDS-1 Backup Tape Cartridge (1.3GB/2.6GB 60m)
C5706A HP C5706A DDS-1 Backup Tape Cartridge (2GB/4GB Retail Pack)
DG60P Sony DG60P DDS-1 Backup Tape Cartridge (Retail Pack)
DG90P Sony DG90P DDS-1 Backup Tape Cartridge (90m 2GB/4GB)
DDS-2 Tapes
200110 Maxell 200110 DDS-2 Backup Tape Cartridge (4GB/8GB)
26047120 Fuji 26047120 DDS-2 Backup Tape (Retail Pack)
43347 Imation 43347 DDS-2 Backup Tape Cartridge (120m 4GB/8GB)
C5707A HP C5707A DDS-2 Backup Tape Cartridge (4GB/8GB Retail Pack)
DGD-120P Sony DGD-120P DDS-2 Backup Tape Cartridge (4GB/8GB)
DGD-120P-B Sony DGD-120P DDS-2 Backup Tape Cartridge (Bulk Pack)
DDS-3 Tapes
11737 Imation 11737 DDS-3 12/24GB Backup Tape (Retail Pack)
200025 Maxell 200025 DDS-3 (12/24GB) Backup Tape (New Retail pack)
200025-B Maxell 200025 DDS-3 (12/24GB) Backup Tape (Bulk packaging)
26047300-B Fuji 26047300 DDS-3 (12/24GB) Tape Backup Tape (Bulk)
27520 TDK 27520 DDS-3 (12/24GB) 125m Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
59H3465 IBM 59H3465 DDS-3 Backup Tape (Retail Pack)
C5708A HP C5708A DDS-3 12GB/24GB Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
C5708A-B HP C5708A DDS-3 12GB/24GB Backup Tape (Bulk Pack)
CDM24 Quantum CDM24 DDS-3 Backup Tape (Retail Pack)
DGD-125P Sony DDS-3 Backup Tape 12/24 GB
DGD-125P-B Sony DGD-125P DDS-3 Backup Tape (Bulk Pack)
DGD125PWW Sony DGD125PWW DDS-3 Backup Tape (Retail Pack)
DDS-4 Tapes
09W083 Dell 09W083 (20GB/40GB) DDS-4 Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
152842-001-B Compaq 4mm DDS-4 20GB/40GB Backup Tape (Bulk Packaging)
200028 Maxell 200028 DDS-4 (20GB/40GB) Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
26047350 Fuji 26047350 DDS-4 (20/40GB) Backup Tape
27505 TDK 27505 4mm DDS-4 (DC4150) Backup Tape Cartridge (20GB/40GB 150m Retail Pack)
40963 Imation 40963 DDS-4 (20/40GB) backup tape (Retail Packaging)
59H4456 IBM 59H4456 (20/40GB) DDS-4 Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
C5718A HP C5718A DDS-4 (20/40GB) Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
CDM40 Quantum CDM40 DDS-4 20GB Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
DGD-150PWW Sony 4mm DDS-4 Backup Cartridge 20GB/40GB
DDS-5 Tapes
17204 Imation 17204 DDS-5 (36/72 GB) Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
18P7912 IBM 18P7912 DDS-5 (36/72GB) Backup Tapes (Retail Packaging)
200200 Maxell 200200 DDS-5 (36/72 GB) Backup Tape
26046172 Fuji 26046172 DDS-5 (36/72 GB) Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
27746 TDK 27746 DDS-5 (DAT 72) 36/72GB Backup Tapes (Retail Packaging)
C8010A HP C8010A DDS-5 Backup Tape 36GB/72 GB Backup Tape
CDM72 Quantum CDM72 DDS-5 (36/72GB) Backup Tapes (Retail Packaging)
M-DAT72 SUN M-DAT72 DDS-5 36/72 GB (DAT72) Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
DAT160 Tapes
230010 Maxell 230010 DAT160 80/160 GB Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
230020 Maxell 230020 DDS-6 (80/160GB) DAT160 WORM Backup Tapes
23R5635 IBM 23R5635 DDS-6 (DAT160) 80GB/160GB Backup Tape
26837 Imation 26837 DDS-6 (DAT160) 80GB/160GB Backup Tape
C8011A HP C8011A DAT160 80/160 GB Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
DC-DAT160 TDK DC-DAT160 DAT160 80/160 GB Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
DGDAT160 Sony DGDAT160 DDS-6 80/160GB DAT 160 Backup Tapes (Retail Packaging)
MR-D6MQN-01 Quantum MR-D6MQN-01 DDS-6 80/160GB (DAT 160) Backup Tapes
DAT-320 Tapes
229325 Maxell 229325 DAT 320 Data Cartridges, 4mm DAT 320,160/320GB
46C1936 IBM 46C1936 (160GB/320GB) DAT320 Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
DGDAT320 Sony 160GB/320GB DAT320 Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
MR-D7MQN-01 Quantum MR-D7MQN-01 DAT-320 Backup Tape Cartridge (Retail Pack)
Q2032A Hp Q2032A 160GB/320GB DAT320 Backup Tape
DDS Cleaning Tapes
186990 Maxell 186990 DDS Cleaning Cartridge
21F8763 IBM 21F8763 DDS Cleaning Cartridge Tape
230030 Maxell 230030 4mm DDS 6 Cleaning Cartridge Tape
242781-001 Compaq by HP Universal 242781-001 DDS 1-5 Cleaning Tape
26049006 Fuji 26049006 DDS Cleaning Cartridge
45382 Imation 45382 4mm DDS Cleaning Cartridge Tape
C5709A HP C5709A DDS Cleaning Cartridge Tape
C8015A HP C8015A DDS-6 Cleaning Cartridge Tape
CDMCL-MR-DUCQN-01 Quantum CDMCL-MR-DUCQN-01 DDS-1,2,3,4 Cleaning Cartridge
DGD15CL Sony DGD15CL 4mm DDS Cleaning Tape Cartridge
DGDAT320CL Sony DGDAT320CL DAT-320 Cleaning Cartridge Tape
DDS Barcode Labels
BCODE-DDS DDS Barcode Labels
DDS-6 Tapes
27822 TDK 80GB/160GB DAT160 Backup Tape