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DLT Tapes are high capacity and high reliability. For hierarchical Storage Management applications, backing up LAN servers, workstations, and midrange systems. In addition to a compressed capacity of up to 80GB, DLTtape products are ideal for DVD mastering.Ideal for the increasingly popular DLTtape drive system used for network servers and high-end computer data storage and backup.

DLT Tapes Products
DLT-IV Tapes
11776 Imation 11776 DLT-IV (40/80GB) Backup Tape (Retail Pack)
183270 Maxell 183270 DLT-IV 40/80 GB Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
26112088 Fuji 26112088 DLT-IV (40/80GB) Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
26112088-B Fuji 26112088 DLT-IV Backup Tape (40/80GB) (Bulk Pack)
26112100 Fuji 26112100 DLT-IV Backup Tape (20-Pk)
42337 Imation 42337 DLT-IV 40/80 GB Backup (Retail Packaging)
59H3040 IBM 59H3040 DLT-IV 40/80 GB Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
C5141F HP C5141F DLT-IV (40/80GB) Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
DL4TK88 Sony DL4TK88 DLT-IV (40/80GB) Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
THXKD-02 Quantum THXKD-02 DLT tape IV 20/40/70/80GB DLT4000/8000
THXKD02 Quantum THXKD02 DLT-IV (40/80GB) Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)
183570 Maxell 183570 DLT III XT Backup Tape 15/30 GB
C5141A HP C5141A DLT III XT (15/30GB) Backup Tape (Retail Pack)
C5141A-B HP C5141A DLT III XT Backup Tape 15/30 GB (Bulk Pack)
THXKE-01 Quantum THXKE-01 DLT III-XT 15/30GB Backup Tape (Retail Pack)
11774 Imation 11774 DLT III Backup Tape 10/20 GB
183670 Maxell 183670 DLT III 10/20GB Backup Tape (Retail Pack)
THXKC-02 Quantum THXKC-02 DLT III Backup Tape 10/20 GB
DLT S4 Tape
184030 Maxell 184030 DLT-S4 1.6TB Backup Tape (Retail Pack)
MR-S4MQN-01 Quantum MR-S4MQN-01 DLT-S4 1.6 TB Backup Tape (Retail Pack)
DLT-VS1 Tapes
18P8923 IBM 18P8923 DLT-VS1 80/160 GB & 160/320GB w/DL-V4 Backup Tapes (Retail Pack)
C8007A HP C8007A DLT-VS1, 80/160GB & 160/320GB w/DL-V4 Backup Tapes (Retail Pack)
DLTVS1160 Sony DLTVS1160 DLT-VS1 80GB/160GB DLT-V4 160GB/320GB Backup Tape (Retail Pack)
MR-V1MQN-01 Quantum MR-V1MQN-01 DLT-VS1 80/160GB Backup Tape (Retail Pack)
OP5639 Dell OP5639 DLT-VS1 / DLT-V4 Backup Tape
DLT Cleaning Tapes
12919 Imation 12919 DLT III/IIIXT/IV Cleaning Tape
183770 Maxell 183770 DLT Cleaning Cartridge Tape
18P8924 IBM 18P8924 DLT-VS1/VS160 Cleaning Cartridge Tape
26112090 FUJI 26112090 DLT Cleaning Cartridge Tape
26300010 Fujifilm 26300010 Super DLT Cleaning Cartridge Tape
BHXHC-02 Quantum BHXHC-02 DLT / VS Cleaning Cartridge Tape
C5142A HP C5142A DLT Cleaning Cartridge Tape
C7998A HP C7998A DLT Cleaning Cartridge Tape
C8016A Hp C8016A DLT VS160 Cleaning Cartridge Tape
DL3CL Sony DL3CL DLT III/IIIXT/IV Cleaning Cartridge Tape
DLTVS1CL Sony DLTVS1CL Cleaning Cartridge DLT tape VS1 VS160
MR-V1CQN-01 Quantum DLT Cleaning Cartridge
THXHC-02 Quantum THXHC-02 DLT Cleaning Cartridge
U0722 Dell U0722 DLT-VS1 Cleaning Cartridge
DLT Barcode Labels
BCODE-DLT DLT barcode sheet (30 labels per sheet)
Q2004A HP DLT IV bar code label pack
DLT Empty Cases
CASE-DLT DLT Empty Storage Case