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Hard Drives

Hard drives are used as the central storage device for data in your computer. All the documents you create, the music you listen to, the videos you watch and the games you play are stored in hard drives. Hard drives are also called a Hard Disk or an HDD.

You need to consider when selecting a hard drive before purchase: internal or external hard disk drive, speed, capacity and connection type. Data access speed of hard drives is measured using RPMs (revolutions per minute). Typical hard drives speed range from 5400 to 7200 RPM. Few hard drives are also available in 9600 RPM. A faster rotational speed means fast data access speed and greater performance, but may cause greater noise and heat.

The storage capacity is measured in GB (gigabytes). A higher capacity drive will cost more than a smaller drive, so you should consider your storage needs. Hard drives come with different interfaces like IDE, SATA, or SCSI. IDE and SATA hard drives are best for personal storage needs and SCSI for enterprise storage environments.

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