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Q2030A HP UDO 30GB WORM Optical Disk
HP UDO 30GB WORM Optical Disk
  Part No Q2030A
  Manufacturer: HP
  In Stock: Yes
  Condition: New  
  Warranty Life Time
  List Price: $150.00
  Our Price: Call for Pricing
Key Features of HP UDO 30GB WORM Optical Disk
UDO WORM MEDIA 30GB 1PK UDO is the next generation of magneto optical technology designed to meet the changing demands of professional archival storage. HP write-once and rewritable UDO disks provide a capacity of up to 30 GB at a significantly lower cost/GB than magneto-optical disks. This product is designed for the following HP StorageWorks optical UDO Jukeboxes: 30ux; 700ux; 7000ux; 1100ux; 1000ux; 1900ux; 2300ux; 3800ux; 7100ux.
Technical Detail