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Terms and Conditions

Visitor has accepted our policies If he/she is browsing, shopping or using Backuptapes.net in any way.

1-V.A.T, transit insurance, duties and delivery costs are excluded from the quoted prices. Only the normal packaging charges are included. Buyer will pay sales taxes (according to his state laws) and other expense incurred in product shipment

2-Backuptapes.net has the right to alter the product specification and withdraw any item. This can be done without prior notification. The orders won’t be affected that our company has already accepted.

3-Failure to make payment within the due data can result in cancellation of all contracts with the Buyer, whereas further deliveries would also be suspended.
Make payments with money order, Paypal, credit card (VISA, American Express and Master Card), Google Checkout or checks (net, prepaid, cashier). 

4-if the buyer doesn’t accept the items ready for dispatch or the Company cannot ship the items because the customers didn’t provide the required authorization/documents/license then:
4.1-The customer would be liable for the damage/loss even if it was due to company’s negligence
4.2-The items would be retained for delivery and the buyer would pay entire expense for insurance, storage etc.

5-Buyer and the Company (Backuptapes.net) agree that until the Buyer pays full amount for the products comprised and the outstanding dues of the Company to be paid by the Buyer or subsidiary or Buyer’s shareholders or Buyer’s holding company or Buyer’s director:
5.1-The products would remain the Company’s property. Buyer shall be the Company’s bailee and would take good care of these goods and the risk shall be passed onto the Buyer.  
5.2-Company has the right to recover/resell and repossess the products from Buyer’s possession if payment is not made within the due date or the Buyer has lost the right to possess the goods and the purpose may enter on the  3rd party’s premises (with its consent) or the Buyer’s premises.
5.3-Buyer would pay to the company for the productsnotwithstanding that the products’ ownership has not been passed from Backuptapes.net (the company)
5.4-Buyer can dispose and pass on the title of goods to its customers.
5.5- the Buyer must inform the Company in event of disposition

6-Backuptapes.net does not provide warranty services and is only a facilitator for your warranty claims.
6.1- No claims for warranty accepted after 30 days from date of invoice. 
6.2-This is a reseller store and the manufacturers will be liable for warranty of every item sold here. Manufacturer will decide for the repair work/replacement.
6.3-Faulty Items being returned will be treated accordingly to the standard warranty conditions.  

7-The Buyer can minimize the risk by purchasing insurance. If not, then the damage, loss as well as other expenses will be the Buyers’ responsibility.
7.1-FEDEX and UPS shipments are insured automatically.

8-These external links are embedded only to provide assistance and more information to our visitors.
8.1-All of these unaffiliated websites are not controlled by Backuptapes.net and hence will not be responsible for any of their activities and policies.

9-The terms stated here are in accordance with California State laws and will be governed by laws of California, Contra Costa County, United States of America.

We make best efforts to upload precise information on the website. However, if there is any kind of error, Backuptapes.net will not be responsible.  

All orders accepted and authorized will be cancelled if the price posted is not correct or the product has been included in wrong category or has typographical error or any other mistake. In such event, the amount charged from the Buyer will be refunded.

If the item shipped to you is not in accordance with the product information on our site, you can claim for refund.